Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Did Tofu Ever Do To You?

Why does everyone always pick on tofu? Haters complain that it doesn't taste like anything, but no one ever accuses rice of not tasting like anything, or pasta! That's why these things come with sauce, to add the flavour. Tofu is also burdened with having to replace meat and that's really too much pressure on any food, better to think of it like Asian cheese, or eggs. Tofu is full of protein, it's good for you and it tastes like whatever you want, why is it so unloved?  

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  1. For me it's the word 'curd'. I'm not sure I want to eat curd. Although if it's that stuff that floats at the top of Laksas, and I suspect it is, then I do eat it.

    I trust this helps.