Friday, March 6, 2009

Long Live the Undead

'Let the Right One In' is the best vampire movie I've ever seen. Nosferatu did my head in when I was a kid but I haven't seen a really scary one since. I love 'From Dusk Till Dawn' but the road movie part was scarier than the vampire part. I liked 'Lost Boys' in the 80s and I didn't hate the recent sequel (Corey Feldman returns as Edgar Frog, how could you not want to see that?). I'm a fan of the Jim Carrey movie, 'Once Bitten' and the George Hamilton movie, 'Love at First Bite'. The 'Daywatch' and 'Nightwatch' movies were great to look at but not even remotely scary and you wouldn't even know they were vampire movies if it didn't say so in the press. '30 Days of Night' had a great title but it was a big yawn, even with Danny Houston. The problem is usually the high level of emo/gothic content (Underworld/Interview/Bram Stoker's Drac), or they try to go modern and you have to watch Wesley Snipes running around in a full length leather jacket. I'm not going to bring Buffy/Angel into the conversation because it's TV (the movie isn't worth mentioning in any conversation).

So, this little Swedish movie, adapted from a book and soon to be remade as an American film, stands out as far as bloodsucking fiends on film go. It takes you to a cold, dark, Scandinavian place and the book goes even further over into the dark side. The author, John Ajvide Lindqvist, has a new book out, this time it's zombies not vampires and I want to eat its brains out. 

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