Friday, February 27, 2009

My Bloody Valentine with Macaroni and Cheese

How did I get to be this old without seeing a 3D movie or making macaroni and cheese from a packet? They are both completely awesome. The mac n' cheese was so cheesy and so cheap and the 3D movie (My Bloody Valentine) was so cheesy and so expensive, $19! It stars Sammy's brother Eric from Days of Our Lives, I kind of like him but you get an idea of how the acting was. Words like dumb and retarded don't even begin to do justice to the story and the 'twist' at the end made me want to chop off the fingers of whatever writer committed them to paper. The 3D thing gives you a $19 headache but it's worth it just for the eyeball on the end of a pickaxe coming right at you, and the bullet coming right at you, everything coming RIGHT AT YOU! Has anyone ever made 3D porn? What about 3D porn at IMAX, fifty feet high! Am I crazy or is it genius? By the way you can't steal the 3D glasses because they have these annoying beeper things on the door, you could go out the other exits down the front next to the screen, if you wanted...

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