Monday, February 1, 2010

Topless Man Vs Wild

The general format of each episode of the Discovery Channel's show 'Man Vs Wild', is that ex-army guy Bear Grylls is stranded in some perilous region and has to get back to civilization. He tells survival stories about the particular area, he sometimes has to build an overnight shelter and he usually finds a reason to get his shirt off. This is my favourite part of the show, even when he pisses on that shirt and ties it around his head to keep him cool in the desert.

Bear has been accused of staging some of the scenarios, I don't care, even if the whole thing is staged it's still great. He might contrive the hunting and catching of the local food but he doesn't fake eating it alive. In a mangrove swamp in Panama he eats an angry beetle that bites the inside of his mouth as he eats it. In the Sahara he eats a large camel spider that he describes as being like "an explosion of pus in my mouth". I freak out if I find a bad bit of lettuce.

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