Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Why is Californication so boring? It has some of the things other good TV shows have, like good acting and clever writing, but it's soooooo dull. In every episode the guy who's exactly like David Duchovny but his name's Hank, meets a girl or two (or more) and then guess what? He has sex with her, every single time, and that's all that happens. Nothing else. The daughter's always in a bad mood and the wife is hot but what does she ever do, except have great hair and look amazing in jeans. Yawn. Usually when I watch a show and nothing much is happening, I'm the first one to say 'Hurry up and kill somebody' or 'Hurry up and fuck somebody', but on this show no one is going to get killed they're just going to get fucked, and it gets old. The sex in Californication is so tedious and uninspired, it makes me miss the lezzos on 'The L Word'.

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