Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Horror...

My favourite news story this week is about the old man who got attacked by mice in the old people's home. He was bedridden and helpless when a mouse plague went through the place, staff found him the next morning covered in blood and his head, ears, neck and hands had been chewed on. Can you imagine what it would be like to be attacked and eaten by a plague of mice when you can't move and fight them off? It's like a horror movie but so much worse because it's real!

A few years ago I got obsessed with the woman who had her face ripped off in an accident in a milking shed. I wasn't so much obsessed with her as with the horror of the situation. I think her hair got caught in something and her face and part of her scalp were pulled off in one piece and fell into the milk vat, which turned out to be a piece of luck, as the milk preserved it and kept it clean so she could have it sewn back on. The story had a happy ending but I couldn't stop thinking about her husband finding her without her face on and having to tell her that everything was going to be okay. I wonder if he has nightmares about it, or maybe they tell it as a funny story when they meet new people.


  1. the victims daughter on her father's near fatal mouse inflicted injuries...

    "You know that the inevitable is inevitable but you do not want mice to be the catalyst"

    Amen, but maybe old people should be more prepared, I don't want to be so knackered I can't fight mice anymore. When I am 40 I will insist on a monthly fight with six mice until the day that I eventually succumb. At least then death from nibbling won't be such a horrific surprise.

    Should I fight the mice as a group or have them come at me individually at three or four minute intervals? Can I bring my cat?

  2. Why didn't they have cats in the home? Old people love animals and they'd been having problems with mice for ages! I think you should have the mice come at you all at once and you're only allowed to use your eyebrows to fight them off.