Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Current Affairs

Stop the Presses! Celebrity Chef Insults Current Affairs Host! 

Tabloid media has gone insane over Gordon Ramsay, the famous for being angry TV chef, insulting the host of 'A Current Affair', Tracy Grimshaw. Even the Prime Minister has commented and come to Tracy's defence, call me crazy but doesn't he have more important things to do? (I obviously don't but surely he does) 

Apparently Ramsay likened Tracy to a pig, sure it's not very nice but I can see the resemblance and I've called her worse every time I've ever seen the show. He also implied she might be a lesbian, but that's just stupid, no self-respecting lesbian would host that ultra-conservative, reactionary, piece of crap excuse for a TV show. 

Tracy hit back in a one-sided rant to camera, using the show as her own personal soapbox, and calling Ramsay an "arrogant narcissist" and a "bully". Oh the irony, accusing someone else of being a bully, when bullying people is the definition of your job and you're on a show famous for bullying and exploiting naive, unsuspecting people. But you don't like it when somebody does it to you, do you Tracy Grimwhore? You bullying, piggy, current affairs biznitch!


  1. I am only annoyed that Ramsay apologised, he should have ramped it up and kept at it, lightweight. I watch current affair to come up with new phrases for 'vacuous hell spawn bitch queen', same reason I watch that smug cuckfunt Kochie in the morning, a bit of bile is as good as a coffee.

    And hopefully, surely one day, my shouting abuse at the telly has got to make the world a less stupid place.

  2. I love how you love everyone kev, it's heart warming and it makes me feel like less of a bitch.